Free walking tours, a new trend in The Netherlands

The world maybe an ever-changing place with a lot of discoveries and advancements but one of the few things that remain constant is traveling and vacationing. Holidays are a time for people to spend time with their selves, loved ones exploring places and new ideas.

As around the world, The Netherlands is also open to new ideas and the newest addition to the holiday style is of free tours. It is an entirely new concept which has simplicity and enjoyment at its core. A free tour is a walking tour that is offered to travelers which is free of cost. Your guide will be a local who is a guide by hobby and helps you explore the place.

It may sound new but it is quite fun. The primary benefit is that you will not be spending a huge amount of money on famous tours and guides that will show you the same things. An expensive tour may be memorable but an authentic and fun tour is even more memorable. Plus, you will have a local guide that will tell you the small, better details about the places like old tales, tricks, places to visit, food and shopping hacks. A walking tour allows you to mingle with locals and other fellow travelers and make new friends. A dream holiday but without the expensive tourism and planning, just you and the real city to explore.

Also, there are people who know their country and cities very well and like to mingle with people too, they can become the new guides. It can be also for hobby and very fun activity that enhances your skills, networking and just overall enjoyment. Guides at the end of the trip may receive a reward for the trip too which just adds to the benefits. But perhaps the best deal is that you may get to do what you enjoy and like.

The Netherlands has seen significant growth in walking tours and you can be a part of the fun. At our website, you can book for a free walking tour where you will find an amazing local guide to take you through the city’s highs, streets, and activities.

At the same website, future local guides who wish to guide by hobby can Sign Up and live the wonders of their city repeatedly all the while doing what they love, meeting new people, enjoying and maybe getting a reward at the end too.

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