Playa del Carmen and its Fifth Avenue


Playa del Carmen is a destination for couples or the whole family, the Playenses, the people who live in this beautiful Caribbean town simply call it “Playa”. It is hard to imagine that a few years ago this town was a quiet fishing port known as Xaman Há, which in the Mayan language means “Water of the Shaman”, Playa del Carmen was the starting point of the Mayas in their pilgrimage to the Ixchel’s shrine, recognized as the goddess of Medicine, Mother Earth, the Protector of women in the Moment of childbirth.

Nowadays is a cosmopolitan destination with the largest number of tourist services in the Riviera Maya.

In front of Playa del Carmen, you find the island of Cozumel, it is one of the favorite destinations for those who practice diving and one of the stops for the big cruises. It will be a pleasant 45 min ferry trip that will allow you to escape the bustle of Playa del Carmen.

“Vamos a la Quinta”

“La Quinta” is the most lively and exciting pedestrian avenue in the Riviera Maya, full of shops, restaurants and bars, boutique hotels and B&B, a cosmopolitan street always with music and with thousands of languages heard everywhere.

This avenue offers the opportunity to observe from embroidery made by native hands to clothes of recognized brands, check the menus and observe the “fondas” decoration, full of color and atmosphere, stop and watch the performance of the street performers, or taste homemade ice cream.

Walking along Fifth Avenue you will come to a side street, “la 12”, this well-known street is where Coco Bongo is located as well as many other bars and clubs.

For this and many other reasons, Fifth Avenue has taken its place in the compendium of the most famous streets in the world. It represents the concept of fun that never ends. In this beautiful place everything is close, don’t forget the hospitality of its people. Next, to this so popular avenue, you will find the beach, its beaches are idyllic. The fine sand, the perfect waves, and the clear and clear water have contributed to this destination is a small paradise for the adepts to the beach tourism.

¡Aloha! , que en Hawaiano significa Amor y Afecto , una palabra que cruza fronteras con todo lo que su significado implica , así y esa soy Yo.

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